"Two Weeks program has been a very complete experience. The fact of being in a City as London, inside the business and financial heart, where you visit a multinational company every day and their bosses put at your disposal explaining the different functions and areas of the company, what an engineer does day by day, and moreover, what they`ve got to do to work there; this is a great opportunity that I didn’t want to lose because I knew I was going to learn a lot.
The atmosphere in the group was fantastic, due to fact that the people were all young, open minded, with international experience and with the aim of learning, so we quickly became friends and we also enjoyed the other part of London, doing tourism, going out at night etc.
It was all very quick but very intense as well, in fact after the two weeks in London, I came to Brazil to do an internship as engineering student, afterwards I'll go back to Uni, to finish my postgraduate. With all that I’ve learned in Two Weeks program I’m going to incorporate to the job market with a new and better vision and expectations for the future."

Rafael Corell Bover
TwoWeeks attendant
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Rafael Corell

"Two weeks gave me access to a world that would have been otherwise unapproachable to me: the world of top companies at the heart of the City of London. It made me open the eyes and increased my vision of business as a global issue. It also allowed me to realize my weaknesses and what I should reinforce in order to access a top position. Everything I observed has been definitely very helpful during my Master in Business Strategy."

Jorge Villagrasa

José Villagrasa

"When I first heard about the programme, I knew that it was going to be a great opportunity. We visited top companies, all very important on their field, where we were treated exceptionally and shown, amongst many other things, what makes the company special, how it works internally, how their recruitment process works and the internship schemes they have. All this, while attending a course on application skills. The whole programme aimed at improving our employability and our chances of working for good companies at international level. Even though my expectations were very high, the programme did not disappoint me and I would recommend it to any student who wishes to get a head start in building an international career."

Pablo Cholbi Alenda

Pablo Cholbi

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